That’s when our story begins.

4 rentals

We have grown over time.

a team

A team of professionals for you.

The history of our business begins in far-off times.

It was the winter of 1958 when our father opened the doors of the first rental and laboratory: Italy was facing the economic boom, the Bondone was pretty touristic.

He taught us and gave us the great passion for this work.

Of course times have changed,

few of us still know how to treat skis like the craftsmen of the past, working on them by hand. Of course we have combined these skills with the latest machines, because what matters is that your day on the ski is always perfect, thanks to a careful preparation that leaves nothing to chance.

It is the union of technology and artisan know-how that distinguishes our rentals, together with the great passion that for more than 50 years our family has put daily in Degasperi Rental.

In addition to all this, we have renewed materials every year and at absolutely competitive prices.