Prepare your gearat best
at the Rental Departure
for the Vason plants

If your skis don’t give you the right feeling, take us for a service: Leaves, insoles and skins, and you’ll feel like you’ve got new skis!

We recommend that you prepare your skis every year, before the beginning of the season. If you feel that your performance is poor on the ice, we can solve it all with the sharpening of the leaves. When the skis aren’t smooth, it is necessary to redo the insoles.

If you have rented your material from us for your holiday on the snow, you will be happy to know that at the end of each rental the equipment is revised – leaves, insoles and skim. Your holiday will be perfect!

Wintersteiger Discovery

This highly professional and fully automated machine can “revive” all skis.
With the different grinding wheel, disc, polishing and finishing modules professionally.